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REST - API using Authorisation Token:

To provide flexible and secured way of communicating through API, we have developed Authentication Token Based REST-APIs for our Bulk SMS Service.

We have given complete documentation in Swagger where you can test the APIs also.

This will work by generating Authorisation Token which will be further passed in Header of each API call.

Quick Start Guide For Testing in Swagger:

  • Go to: (Alternatively, Partners having Hosted Panel can replace with their subdomain name.)
  • Pass User id and password in AuthTokenV1/AuthToken . Copy Bearer Authentication token received in TxnOutcome to Authorize button given at top right corner.
  • Now you can test other APIs to check the services .Here, Bearer Authentication Token will be implicitly passed in header of API calls.

List of available API:

TYPE API Description Response
GET or POST AuthTokenV1/AuthToken Users of the REST API can authenticate by providing a user ID and password. Authorisation/Bearer token is generated to enable to authenticate future requests Returns BEARER Authentication token which should be passed in Header of other API listed below and is valid for 6 Hours.
GET Health States Reachability of SMS Portal Reachability
POST SMSV1/SubmitSMS Post/Sent SMS to Phone number. senderID, dlrUrl, scheduleAt, pe are optional parameters here. Submits SMS and returns SMS submitted, balance used, no of segments, SMS balance etc.
GET SMSV1/UserAccDetails Get SMS account details using which Authentication Token was generated. details like Balance, Expiry Date etc.
GET SMSV1/GetOTPForChange Pwd Get OTP to change Password of the SMS account. OTP
POST SMSV1/ChangePassword Change Password of SMS account by providing OTP received in GetOTPForChangePwd New password will be reset to account
GET TxnLogV1/DailySummary Get Summary of SMS Submitted from date range. For getting summary of single date, just mention it in 'FromDate' Parameter. Summary of Sent, Submitted, Delivered SMS.