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SMS is the most reliable messaging channel, with an instant delivery and high open rate; it’s not surprising that it’s favored by businesses across a wide range of industries from healthcare and finance, to utilities and retail, be it for 2nd factor authentication, notification, alerts or business promotion, SMS are the safest and best payoff bet.

How bulk SMS can work for you?


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Scheduled Bulk Messaging can give your product, services or business a much needed push and exposure, with, one of the largest and most efficient Bulk SMS aggregators in India.

With you can plan your SMS anywhere any time you like, you can schedule your marketing campaigns on moments notices or months in advance, Bulk SMS  campaigns helps you to reach to the people beyond the knows and spread the words about your offerings to the audience suits to your business.


Promotional SMS - way to expand

Promotional SMS is a cost effective and efficient marketing tool that helps to promote your company, service or products direct to the recipients’ mobile phone. To use a promotional SMS for business promotion is a primary marketing channel predominately used by B2C organisations to increase sales and maintain customer satisfaction.

Sending promotional bulk SMS communications is an effective and reliable way to keep customers informed of discounts, sales promotions and offers to help increase sales and maintain customer interaction. Promotional and marketing SMS campaigns can be time based, relevant to the recipient, delivered quickly and easy to read to help improve marketing performance.

Transactional SMS - Be Fast & First transactional SMS platform is a non-marketing automated text message that companies send to support their audience along the customer journey. Among the most common transactional SMS types are Financial Transactions, Onboardings, Order confirmations or Status, welcome or Introduction text messages, and shipping updates etc.

Transactional SMS assists people in various communication touchpoints with your brand. Transactional SMS can mostly be delivered to all recipients, irrespective of their consent preference. This helps to increase engagement and drive conversions along with the boost and reliability to your Brand and Service Offerings.

SMS OTP - Security at fingertips

A SMS OTP (one-time password) is a secure authorisation method where a numeric or alphanumeric code is sent to a mobile number. This password is an added layer of security used to verify a user’s identity when logging in online or confirming an action or transaction.

OTP SMS are often time bound and have expiry time limit and hence it’s very crucial for OTP SMS to get delivered to customer’s mobile in seconds. Here comes the role of platform which helps organizations, banks and business to delivery lighting fast SMS. .

Looking for SMPP?

Do you prefer to use SMPP when connecting to SMS suppliers?  By connecting through the SMPP API, you will benefit from our direct connections, excellent customer service and message reporting – you’ll be connecting to our SMS platform in the way that suits you. It’s also good to know that we support SMS via the SMPP 3.4 protocol. For more information get in touch today!

Why Bulk SMS with is India’s one of the most elite SMS aggregator offering various Bulk SMS Solutions and services. We provide a range of customized solutions that enable entrepreneurs, businesses, non-profits, and not-for-profit organisations to communicate with their existing and potential clients. Bulk SMS Marketing is the most cost effective way to drive new sales and leads.

Place your Business/Brand or Service in big league. Get more Inquiries & more exposure in just few paisa.

Save time, as it is Quick to Create & Start Campaign. Schedule your campaigns in advance or through your CRM.

Cheaper & Faster. Instant Results. Low Cost. Scale as you require, instant setup through web application or Excel Plugin.

Enhance Sales, repeat sales & customer exposure. SMS is a reliable and credible medium to reach your audience.

Direct Reach to Audience & Highly Personalized. Send full-customized SMS with our platforms using data & details available.

Highest ROI with best result than other media as SMS have much higher opening rate compared to any other medium.

Everything you need to send better bulk SMS communications


Much of the keenness and usability insights has gone in while developing web application which is developed using the latest and greatest technologies available today.

Desktop based

Install our Desktop Application to manage, schedule and send your SMS campaigns from your Desktop. All you need is a computer and Internet connection.

Excel Plug-In

State of art, FREE, Excel Plug In to SMS enables you to send bulk messages through data from any Excel Sheet. Import your contact data from Excel Template. And manage Contact Groups.

Android App
for Bulk SMS

BULK SMS Android Application from (With Offline Contact Management Feature) lets you send bulk SMS from your mobile phone.

0 Integration

Excel based application for sending custom, one to one SMS with Name, Date, Amount, etc. inserted in SMS without any development. For those who want to send custom SMS without investing in any Software API Integration.

100% Uptime -

Multiple routes and backup routes to provide interrupted service to your important applications or campaigns. HA & DR SMPP Servers hosted at TIER 4-Data Centre & Cloud Hosting Servers.

Bulk SMS

Send personalized bulk SMS to your customer or prospects by including names, IDs or other information via merge fields.

Manage all
from one Dashboard provides a dashboard to manage contacts, set alerts, create user profiles and enable you to send SMS to your contact groups from any computer, even when you are on move.

Sender IDs

Send bulk SMS from your custom 6-character or 6-digit sender IDs or sender names and enhance brand identity through your brand based sender IDs.

Compose in
Regional Languages allows you to send SMS in multiple languages. Type and send bulk SMS in multiple Indian languages by using our incredibly easy web application.

SMS Templates &
SMS History

Save time by creating SMS templates and using them for frequently sent messages. Insert custom data fields in predesigned templets. Also, access previously sent SMS for easy reference and re-use.

White label
Reselling Panel

With reselling panel you can use on your domain with your logo. This is best for resellers who want to sale from own brand or website.

Delivery Reports

Track real-time SMS delivery status of every SMS you send. You can check individual SMS report with live status, DLR give you surety that your SMS delivered according to TRAI Guidelines

Opt-out or opt-in users easily allows you to easily gather opt-ins. Include a readily available opt-out path to let users unsubscribe.

Scheduling and Staggering

Plan ahead by scheduling SMS for a later time and date or design an instant campaign or stagger your campaign to be sent in batches.

Flexible contact management

Paste, type in numbers, or upload via excel sheets. Easily search contacts, remove duplicates, merge/split groups & more.

Developer API - Easy Integration

We Provide Standard HTTP-API, SMPP or ActiveX - Integrate Bulk messaging in any ERP, Software, and Online Application, sent SMS from your own apps.

Mobile Tickets and Vouchers

Design own voucher codes, unique coupons and, mobile tickets. Insert them in your bulk SMS campaigns on the fly.

Auto Number

'Send SMS' service automatically conditions your mobile numbers, like filtering out short length numbers, prefixing '91' to numbers, removing '0' prefixed to phone numbers, if required. Thus you would be able to mix phone numbers from different source lists, formatted in different way and submitting SMS without much bothring to prefix country code to every number.

Role of SMS in business communications


The open rate for marketing emails in India is just around 18% – 20%, Additionally, the click-through rate for email marketing campaigns in India is just 5-7% whereas the open rate for marketing SMS is 90% – 95%.


Large enterprises make up the overwhelming majority of SMS marketing (over 65%). But, reports show that small to medium enterprises (SMEs) are rapidly adopting SMS marketing displaying a CAGR of over 23%.


Over 40% of consumers make a purchase after a marketing text. Consumers are more likely to make a direct purchase if they receive an SMS message that includes an ad, discount coupon/code. SMS marketing messages that include images and media also convert higher. 33% of consumers don’t mind the nature of the SMS, as long as its content is relevant to them.


55% of consumers prefer to be reminded of their appointments through SMS, compared with 25% for email. Businesses based on appointments or reservations can increase their revenues as much as 30% with well-executed appointment reminders.


90% of customers will not answer the phone to an unknown number though the equal number, 90% of consumers respond to a text with 30 minutes of receiving it. Using a branded SMS campaign will not only enable you to reach your customers quicker but also build brand trust.

A report revealed that almost 96% of marketers who leveraged SMS marketing said it has helped them drive more revenue. Meanwhile, almost 60% said texting has “significantly” or “overwhelmingly” increased revenue generation.

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