Download tools to message!

Be it a mobile app or desktop app. Be it a Excel Plugin or developer API to intigrate our platform with your application, we have it all!

Get going with Excel Plug-In

No Coding Required excel plug-in gets going without writing a single line of code. Start sending messages right away!

Personalize in Clicks

Design SMS using the data fields in your excel cells and draft personalized SMS in just a matter of clicks.

Schedule Easily

Schedule your campaigns with ease using the excel plug-in and save on time and resources.


Directly send SMS from excel without any human assistance to setup or any application to design.

An Android App to send Bulk SMS from Mobile

Contact Management Android app syncs with your phone contacts and can manage your online Bulk Lists too!

Schedule on the go

Schedule your campaigns on the go using your mobile with our Bulk SMS App.


Your messages can now be delivered in multiple regional languages for further engagement and reach

Whitelabel App

For our reseller partners with their own domain and branding, we offer the whilelabel option for Android App.

Manage everything from one place

Create & Manage

One stop for creating your 1st campaign to managing your account, permissions and credits. 

Application Design

Much of the keenness & usability insights has gone in while developing web application, developed using latest technology.

Customize Campaign

Go beyond plain bulk SMS. With web app, you can now fully customize your SMS campaigns in minutes.

Number Formatting

‘Send SMS’ service automatically conditions  mobile numbers, like filtering short length numbers, prefixing ’91’ to numbers, removing ‘0’ prefixed.

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(High Priority 1 Year Validity)
(High Priority 1 Year Validity)
13.5 paisa
12.5 paisa
14 paisa
13 paisa
16 paisa
15 paisa
18 paisa
17 paisa
21 paisa
20 paisa
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