Unleash the Power of Voice.

Bulk Voice Calling or Voice SMS is the broadcasting of pre-recorded voice messages to many telephone numbers simultaneously or sequentially.

Voice calls have a very important role in all areas including business, education, medication, eCommerce, politics, etc.

How Bulk Voice Call works?

Bulk voice call services use automated calling systems and cloud infrastructure to handle large-scale message delivery efficiently. Widely populer among businesses and organizations for various purposes, including announcements, promotional campaigns, alerts, and reminders.


Bulk voice call service is a mass communication method where a recorded voice message is sent to a list of phone numbers.


List & Data

You need a well-organized list of phone numbers for the recipients. This list should be formatted correctly and free of duplicates.


Specific Details

You may choose to personalize the voice message by including recipients' names or other specific information. This information can be dynamically inserted into the message.



This service will initiate automated calls to the phone numbers on your list. When a call is answered, the pre-recorded message is played for the recipient.


and Analytics

You can track which calls were successful, which went to voicemail, and which were not answered. This feedback allows you to assess the campaign's effectiveness.

The Power of Voice can't be underestimated!

Voice is the best way to communicate with your customers. It is personal and is not limited by the language barrier.
Here is how you can unleash voice power.

Bulk collection of Payment or dues to help businesses
reduce costs and increase efficiency

One of the best use cases of bulk voice calling is to remind customers or users about the dues and billing cycles. Depending on the billing cycle, collection strategies are developed to reach customers in bulk with personalised collection tactics with different voice tones to improve the efficiency of collection.

One-Click to connect mass users with voice, warmly notify your customers

Connect to masses during festivals, on customers or members birthdays and other times, through one click, using warm voice to kindly send the mass of customers care and service reminder, enhance user experience, make your service more valued by customers.


Precise marketing of customized words, the effect of the event is obvious.

According to the user portrait, customized speeches or marketing activities, through high-definition voice, do Political Announcement, Festival Marketing, Event Marketing, Periodic Promotion and other preferential activities in the enterprise, timely reach customers, improve the activity effect, create more profits for the enterprise.

Advantages Of Using Bulk Voice Calls

Higher Outbound Capacity

Sending outbound calls for your campaign and making your customers and potential service seekers aware of your services becomes easier when you deploy a quality Bulk Voice Call provider. You can efficiently share your product and campaign with more people in less time.

Enhanced Customer Acquisition And Retention

As these recorded voice calls are automated, you can schedule them as required. The clients do not have to interact with the caller since it is automated. That makes them more interested in listening through the call, provided it offers something of value to them.

Multiple Language Options

You can record the bulk voice call in multiple languages at one time and then selectively share it with the potential customers according to their language requirements. Everything can be done quickly and efficiently through a couple of clicks on your device.

No setup and subscription fees

The bulk voice call service provider is an integrated part of the cloud telephony services you are seeking. There are no setup and subscription fees separately, making it a cost-effective feature. It can make your business grow exponentially when implemented correctly.

Zero Paperwork

The process is hassle-free and does not require much paperwork. The entire process is digitized, and hence you do not have to worry about the physical copies and hardcopies involved in the process.

White Label Panel

With messaging.digital provides white label panel to the individuals or organizations who want to resell our services further, white label panel gives the flexibility to add your own branding and contact details to the entire Infrastructure.

Start Turning on the Charm of Voice

Bulk Voice Call Use Cases.

Order & Product Renewal

Automated reach outs in the form of voice broadcasts are something that many businesses take on as the obvious benefit of increasing the chances that a customer will reorder or and continue with service.

Market Research

The initial reaction to the idea of conducting market research can sound exciting with Voice Calls. Obtaining data about customer demographics, attitudes, preferences, and concerns becomes easy.

Financial Services

For Financial Organizations client satisfaction and loyalty are key to success. Voice call can help in keeping consistent touch and letting clients know the fast changing market dynamics.

Political Campaigns

Automated voice messaging or calling can help in getting out the voters and win the upcoming elections. Services like Campaign Message Broadcasting, Voter Notification, Voting appeals can be sent to masses.

Customer Service

With personalized voice calls, take customer services and support to next level. In the progressively competitive marketplace, clients demand a high level of satisfaction and quality experience.

Advertising & Marketing

Enhance your Sales and Product awareness in your own words. Voice broadcasting can become a small business dream come true to reach to customers ears in very small budget.

Educational Sector

Permit information and account management for students and parents, Online surveys, Fees Due Broadcasts, PTMs, Conferences and Gatherings, Birthdays Wishes, School or Bus Schedule Changes. 

Utility & Service Sector

For all service providing business or organizations tasks like bill collection, payment due reminders, upcoming sales or discounts, service expiry reminders and lot other operations can  be performed in automated and quick way.

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